Tuesdays turn into Positivitee

Here at Grayslake North,  Tuesdays are turning into Positivitee-Tuesdays.

Laura Bertermann, the science department chair, is starting to encourage people to be kind and on Tuesdays to wear shirts with positive sayings on them.

“People see so much negativity in social media and news programs, and I wanted to feature the flipside- being positive.  Creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere for people to learn and thrive is at the heart of Grayslake North, so I wanted to showcase this and be purposeful about it,” Bertermann said.

A lot of teachers are also pitching in to help out with spreading positivity.

“Many teachers purchased items from the webstore to get this idea off the ground.  We all need a positive atmosphere to thrive so this is a perfect way to enhance what we already do on a daily basis,” Bertermann said.

Even though it is the end of the school year, they plan on making it into something bigger next year.

They are also hoping students help to spread positivity.

“It has been slow to start and some students may not even be aware of our Positivitee-Tuesday, but with the help of our student leadership, I hope this becomes another thing that becomes a habit in our building like wearing college and career shirts on Wednesdays and wearing Knights spirit wear on Fridays,” Bertermann said.

With a little help from both students and teachers, students need to remind everyone that it is important to be kind and positive toward each other.