“The DUFF” is a movie about teenage high school seniors. The whole movie surrounds Bianca Piper, who is considered the DUFF of her friend group: the D-esignated U-gly F-at F-riend. Wesley Rush tells Bianca that she’s the DUFF of the friend group, and Bianca at first doesn’t believe him, but then starts to see it and asks Wesley to help her not be the DUFF of her friend group.

Wesley then proceeds to take her shopping, to teach her how to be cool, and to get a date. At the end of the movie, Wesley decides he wants to be with Bianca and not Madison, who bullies Bianca during the movie. Wesley and Bianca were next door neighbors and used to be great friends. They started liking each other when they got closer. Bianca helps Wesley and Wesley helps Bianca. But it wasn’t easy sailing to get them together. In fact, the ship almost sunk on their relationship.

I first watched this movie because Family Video went out of business and sold all their movies for super cheap. My mom bought the movie, and I loved it. I thought in the end there’s a good message on how you shouldn’t care about what other people think of you and just be genuine to yourself. The movie also shows you that it shouldn’t matter what someone’s status, popularity or looks are to be with them.

I would recommend this movie to people looking for something to watch and just sit back and enjoy. It’s not something that you absolutely need to see; however, I enjoy the movie and think it’s a cute movie with a little bit of a love story background. Bianca and Wesley’s relationship is super cute and sweet. I truly love the character development in the film. I enjoyed not only the commentary but the actors as well.