The Many Faces of North: Lori DeFiore, retiring staff

Lori DeFiore has played a crucial role in the school for the past 15 years. This year she will be retiring, but she has come a long way. Starting in 2007 as the librarian assistant and working multiple roles in between, she now stands as the administrative assistant to the principal. Whether you see her in the main office or in your emails, she is the reason why everyone is aware of North’s activities all year long.

DeFiore’s journey did not start here; before D127, she was working at the Lake Villa District Library. Having that experience, she transferred to North working in the library.

“I transitioned into the role of librarian assistant in 2007, which was nice. You know you’re on the same schedule as your kids. Both my kids were either in middle or high school when I started here, so that was nice. I had summers off to be with them and then I transitioned to athletic secretary and then finally I end up here,” DeFiore said.

“She was in the library when she first started, then she went to athletics and now she’s Dr. Roscoe’s secretary, and like I said, her accomplishments in which her role here is that she helps this staff tremendously. She helped me out personally too, but students, number one,” said Rosemary Anderson, student activity/bookstore clerk.

When talking about DeFiore, it is all positive. She has been described as compatible, resourceful and communicative. Having such experience, she pushes to make sure all of her colleagues and students get the best experience they can in the school.

“I’m going to miss her presence and reliability. She’s been here for so long; everyone knows her. We’re definitely going to miss her. There’s so much to learn from her because she knows the school so well, so just learning everything from her, I can always go to her with any questions,” said Andrea Tompoles, administrative assistant to the associate principals.

“I love the students. I like to treat you all as my children, so I will mom you on any given day, but that’s okay, right? Everyone needs a little mom in their school day,” DeFiore said.

Being here for a decade and a half, one makes a lot of memories in the school. DeFiore is very involved with the school’s activities and is super school spirited. From being in athletics, to helping out the Special Olympics, she can be found at many sporting events supporting the school.

“I love all the sporting events. I love either working them or going to them and watching the kids play. So football is always fun, especially at the beginning of the season when we’re all so excited to start. I just love to come to the athletic events and watch all the kids perform. Also the fine arts, going to see plays and musicals. It’s just so impressive, all the talent here,” DeFiore said.

Going into retirement is a huge thing for any individual. Whether it is traveling or creating new hobbies, it is a major shift of career that should be celebrated. Especially in DeFiore’s case, she hasn’t had a summer off in ten years.

“So we have lately started going to Barbados for a week in the winter, and so now we’re actually going to do a month in February. Also, human resources at the district office has asked me if I would be willing to sub in for secretaries, so basically we have subs for teachers, but we don’t have a sub anymore if a secretary has a surgery is going to be off for a while, so I’m going to be a temp to just come in and help when needed,” DeFiore said.