The Many Faces of North: George Sweeney, retiring staff

George Sweeney, one of North’s beloved security guards, is retiring after dedicating 10 years protecting and serving at GNHS.

George is retiring because he commented that at the age of 74 he’s getting slower. George’s plans for retirement include fishing and golfing. Over the years of George’s life, he has done and gone through so much.

Right out of high school, George went into printing and then went to college. He landed a job at the post office, and in 1968 he got drafted to serve overseas in the Vietnam War. He went through basic training for two months, through AIT training for two months, and then left to serve and protect his country. After he came back from war, he went back to the post office but he also took the police exam and passed, and then joined the police force. After leaving the police force, he went back to the post office where he spent thirty-five years and later on retired from that job. He got another job in a field he was familiar with as a security guard serving and protecting staff and students at GNHS.

Sweeney said he will miss the friendships he made because he has made some real good friends over his time. He’ll miss watching the sports at North, especially football, baseball, and basketball, because he also has grandkids that play sports.

“One of my favorite things the school did for me is they held my position for nine months when I got sick; that was big for me,” he said.
With George’s retirement, he sends a message to GNHS students.

“Never give up, never. Get that education. That’s what I’m saying by never give up. Don’t quit on yourself because now in these days especially, boy, that’s the ticket. It gives you a fighting chance,” Sweeney said.