GNHS hosts fine arts event MUSE


Lillie Salas

Jazz Band performed at GNHS MUSE,

The fine arts department hosted an event called MUSE on April 7, 2022, which is a night of activities dedicated to promoting most of the fine arts that North has to offer.

This event had many workshops and fun opportunities for all age groups including a readers theater hosted by Green Room Theater Company, multiple interactive art workshops, a jazz band and choir concert, as well as an art display of work from GNHS students.

“MUSE is a combination of all the fine arts coming together and being celebrated. It’s kind of nice that we all have that connecting factor between music, theater, and art, and that we’re all so different. The fact that we can come together, connect, and celebrate all areas of the arts is really cool,” said art teacher Meghan Crowley.

An art display lined the hallway throughout the entire night with all types of pieces being displayed. Every art student got the opportunity to choose one thing to be presented in the art show, which made it so that there was a wide variety of art to view. Along with an art show, the volunteers in the art department got to host workshops in clay building, drawing, and different digital workshops.

“MUSE is important because it gives students a chance to exhibit their talents and show off like other extra curriculars,” said senior art student Avery Sears.

Along with an interactive art display, the theater department put on a show for viewers. The volunteers did a readers theater of a childhood classic, “A Bad Case of the Stripes.”

“We decided to do a readers theater, and we spent a day or two practicing. We put together some ideas for some flashlights to get the audience involved as well,” said Green Room member junior Seamus Green. Green Room members casted and staged the show themselves the week prior to MUSE. Flashlights with colorful tape were used throughout the show to keep the audience engaged.

The students involved with MUSE hoped to promote all of the fine art programs that North has to offer and share their passions with community members.

“Fine arts is a lot of fun. You really get close with all the people in any given area, and it’s almost always a very positive environment. It’s really just a fun thing to do all the time,” Green said.

Grayslake North has many opportunities to further support the arts besides MUSE. Throughout the school year there are band performances and competitions, choral performances, art shows, and the Green Room Theater Company always has three formal shows per school year.

“I think we can further support the arts just by more funding and more help from teachers. Sometimes the arts are put down as less important, so encouragement would make it easier for student artists,” Sears said.

More information about upcoming events related to fine arts can be found on the schedule posted on the Grayslake North official website.