Word brain: Wordle spreads through GNHS


Ever since the release of Wordle in October 2021, Wordle’s daily player rate has skyrocketed throughout the United States. Wordle is a guessing word game where players get six chances to guess a word with hints along the way. This word game can be referred to as addicting and fun for students and teachers at North. With the game being fun, teachers have found a way to implement Wordle into learning.

“I am a big fan of Wordle,” said teacher James Murphy. “I use it from time to time in Spanish class. I know that a lot of my students do Wordle in English every day, so they already know how to play.”
With Wordle spreading across the school, teachers at North have started to use Wordle as a daily group activity in class.

“It’s a fun warm-up activity or a good brain break,” Murphy said. “I typically use it as a whole class activity where students guess 5-letter words in Spanish one at a time.”

“If we are stuck, it’s a good time to remind students to look around at some of the common words posted around the classroom,” Murphy said. “I enjoy seeing my students think about which letter combinations are more commonly used in Spanish.”

When teachers put the game up on the projector, it then makes the students work together to solve the word.

“I think Wordle is a fun activity to do in class to have everyone get focused and get into the day,” said student Bryce Stoneham. “I think it truly helps me with learning Spanish, and it expands my vocabulary.”

With teachers implementing Wordle into learning for students here at North, students have also been playing casually throughout their day. For most students, Wordle is a game they could play anytime, anywhere.

“I like Wordle because it is something to do when I’m occasionally bored in school,” said student Nate Hickson. “It’s addicting for me because I could do it anywhere at any time.”

With Wordle being out for several months, the average player rate has more than tripled from the start of 2022. This effect introduces new debates and discussions whether the game Wordle is repetitive for players.

“I think Wordle is repetitive because it’s the same objectives over and over again,” said student Owen Anderson. “Even with different words every day, it’s still the same old game.”

“Even though it is a bit repetitive, Wordle is still fun and enjoyable in my opinion,” Hickson said.

Ever since Wordle has spread across the U.S., Wordle has started to slightly engage in everyday life whether that is school or throughout the day.