Seniors look toward end of the year events

Although the year is coming to a close, there are still some things left that are important to seniors. These include Prom, senior banners, and graduation. They may be considered stressful for seniors, but any questions about any of the topics will be explained thoroughly and will inform seniors about what they must do to prepare and attend these events.

First, senior banners are large posters of students. They can consist of the student being in an action sequence for a sport, but students do not need to be in a sport to get one. However, the ones from a sport will be displayed downtown in the last coming weeks of the school year.

“Senior banners will be displayed downtown on different days. You may also order a senior banner even if you do not play a sport,” said Lori DeFiore, administrative assistant to the principal.

The next activity that is important to the seniors is Prom. “Yeah, I (went) to Prom. It’s a bigger deal for the seniors since they didn’t have one last year,” said senior Zoe Vizconde.

Prom was recently held on May 7 at the Marriott Lincolnshire banquet hall. It started with dinner and was followed by the dance itself. Students were bused there.

Graduation will be held on May 25. The whole event will be held outside. With this change being made, students have been given extra tickets for people they want to bring. Instead of five tickets like in years past, students will have seven for anyone they would want to bring.

“Graduation will be held out on the turf this year,” DeFiore said.