Girls Soccer looks at successful season


The 2022 season for GNHS Girls soccer is looking pretty good. Their conference record is currently 2-0-3, They tied the two best schools in conference, which are Grayslake Central and Lakes. They beat Round Lake 8-1,  which gave them their first conference win and a 9-0 win against North Chicago. They sent a message to all their future opponents with both of those wins and they are ready for anyone. 

Everyone is a big part of this team, but there is always that one person that holds the team together. A key player of the team is senior Maddy Barry. 

Maddy is the glue of the team. She got injured the other day, and the games aren’t the same without her. She’s still the best teammate anyone can have,” said Arissa Vettraino. Barry is not only the glue of the team, but she is one of the captains, a starter, a four-year varsity player, and an All-Conference award winner. 

Having Barry injured and not playing would effect the team, but there’s more to the team than Maddy. The main factor of the team is their energy and that can be the most important thing in a game. 

“The biggest factor on our team is our energy and attitude. We go into every game with a winning mentality. We know we are better and we know we will win,” said senior Morgan Flynn. Flynn also scored two goals out of the eight against Round Lake and was the game MVP. When a close game happens, the attitude and mentality will get through and hopefully win the game.

In sports, there’s a saying that is “feel good, play good”. I asked the girls on the team who had the best cleats on the GNHS girls soccer team and ⅔ girls said Arissa had the best cleats. Arissa wears the Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Pro FG’s. She loves them to death and they look great on the pitch. She has a goal to her name, so the saying is true, you feel good, you play good.

Arissa has the cutest cleats, they look good with the all white away jerseys,” said Tara.