Review: “The Adam Project”

Imagine you crash land back in time, but not in the time you meant to travel to, then team up with your younger self to save the future of humanity. That is the “Adam Project.” The main character, Adam, is played by Ryan Reynolds, and Walker Scobell plays a younger version of Adam.

Overall I think the movie is good as there are some plot holes and it gets corny at some points, but overall a solid Netflix movie. It is also another good performance from Ryan Reynolds, a guy who in my opinion never misses getting a good laugh. It has lots of comedy surrounding it as future Adam and young Adam team up to save the future.

In 2012, a spec script written by T.S. Nowlin was initially announced as “Our Name Is Adam.” Tom Cruise was originally supposed to star in this, but the movie never took off and was later picked up by Netflix where director Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds took it over after collaborating on the movie Free Guy.

In 2050, fighter pilot Adam Reed (Ryann Reynolds) steals a jet and escapes through time to stop a dystopian future. Adam originally planned to travel to 2018 to stop a chain of events from happening but instead crashes in 2022. He then links up with his 12 year old self (Walker Scobell) to save his wife who supposedly died in a mission in 2018. Adam is being chased by dystopian leader Maya Sorian who he stole the jet from in 2050. Adam is rescued by his girlfriend Laura (Zoe Saldana) who wasn’t killed in a mission but just stranded back in 2018.

I like the piece as it has a cool sci-fi plot line and is easy to follow, and Ryan Reynolds’ comedy is amazing. The fighting scenes and flying parts make an action packed adventure that I find fun. The only thing I don’t like is that throughout the movie there are plot holes in time travel, as if Laura is trapped in 2018 she can just stop all events from happening. The villains also can’t track Adam at the beginning of the movie but suddenly can at the end.

Overall the piece is still good, and I would rate it four out of five stars as the plot holes are there, but the movie is still solid with a good cast and director. It is a fun watch and an interesting story about how the future could go.