Review: “By your side”

“By Your Side” is a book by Kasie West. The book is based around Autumn Collins. Autumn accidently gets locked in a library when she has to use the bathroom before a trip with her friends. When trying to leave, she finds out that she is now locked inside. She then decides to see if there’s another way to leave the library but finds out that every exit is locked.

After she finds out she’s locked inside, she also finds out that she’s not alone and that a classmate of hers, Dax Miller, is also locked inside with her. She doesn’t know Dax well, but she’s heard the rumors and doesn’t know how to feel about them. They end up finally talking, playing games and truly bonding. In the end, like every love story Kasie West writes, they fall in love.

This is the first book I ever read from Kasie West, and it truly made me fall in love with every single book she’s ever written. I love the plot and the character developments. You not only see how Autumn evolves as a person but you also see how Dax evolves, and it just makes you love their relationship even more.

Now this being my first book that I read from Kasie West, I wasn’t sure if the two of them would end up together or not, but in the end, love always prevails and they become one of my top 10 favorite couples!

I recommend this book if you are not only are a Kasie West fan but need a nice romance book with not only a heartfelt message but also a good plot and story development. I truly believe this book is one that I could read over and over again and never get bored of. The way Kasie West makes you feel involved in the story without putting you in the plot is just amazing. I not only feel like I’m there witnessing everything, but I also feel like I’m there involved in the story.

I have always enjoyed her work and continue to enjoy her work to this day. I recommend her work to any and all book readers.

“By Your Side” is a book about a girl who gets trapped in a library with a boy from her school, who she’s only ever heard rumors about. The book was written by Kasie West and you can order it online. “By Your Side” was released January 31, 2017. Kasie West’s newest book, “Sunkissed,” was released May 4, 2021.