Math Team counts their winnings


The Math Team, led by math teacher Alex DeGroh, finished very well in conference with many students and teams placing high amongst their conference rivals.

The Math Team went into Regionals with their heads held high after doing well in Conference, and they are still waiting on finalization for Regional placement, along with receiving other awards and accreditations from outside sources.

“The coolest thing we’ve won was the Richard Rodes Most Improved Award the year that we won Regionals. So we went from 240th in the state, to being like 14th in the state. We kind of have to win Regionals to get that high because when you win Regionals you bring the whole team to State versus if you have one person win that one person goes down,” DeGroh said.

The team placed very well at Conference in individual and team events. They won the eight person team event for juniors and seniors, and the team of two events for freshmen and sophomores.

“We won the senior eight person competition at Conference, and that’s pretty cool. We all got to go there to regionals as a team. We also have a two person team that is time based, and I would say that’s my strength because I am good at getting it quickly rather than accurately,” said senior Anna Witt.

Individual placements went to junior Graham Gatewood with a first place in pre-calculus, senior German Berdnichneko with a third place in pre-calculus, and junior Kevin Scanlan with a third place finish in algebra II. Even though winning and placing is good, the Math Team still had fun making friends.

“It was really fun. I enjoyed making friendships with all of the other members and the coaches. The math part was more of the side hustle,” said senior Jared Kagay.

The team saw many sucesses in the Regional compeititon. Gatewood placed tenth in individual pre-calculus, sophomore Aidan Kim placed fifth in individual geomtery, and junior Thomas Gornet placed fifth in indvidual alegebra II. All three students qualified for State.