North’s students excel in academics

Grayslake North has such great students and everyone is special in their own ways, but some students stand out more academically. There’s been a lot of great students to walk through GNHS, but these are the ones to look out for: Jake Nardomarino, Mahir Mehmud, and Matt Nixon. These students have sacrificed a lot to succeed in their academics

“My best academic year is my junior year, having a 4.9 grade point average. I’m really proud of myself for that,” said senior Jake Nardomarino. North has a ranking for the people with the highest GPA and Nardomarino is at the number one spot. He never stops working hard, but some things are always in the way. His biggest distraction is his PS4. “My biggest distraction is NBA2k,” Nardomarino said.

Mahir Mehmud is ranked in the top 20 as well. He has a 4.7 GPA.
“‘My dream all depends on which college I’m going to, but I would want to be a PA or biomedical engineer,” Mehmud said.
“My biggest motivation is my parents. They came from different countries and worked from the bottom up trying to give me a better life, and obviously I need to pay them back the best that I can,” Mehmud said.

He’s dedicated to giving back to his parents and family and he credits them for his success in school.
Senior Matt Nixion is a great achiever on and off the court. Nixon was on this year’s varsity basketball team. He received the all academic award all four years of high school for basketball. School and basketball aren’t all that Nixon does, though. One of his hobbies is fantasy basketball.

“One of my hobbies is definitely fantasy basketball. No days off! I made the playoffs and am currently beating my opponent,” Nixon said.