Grayslake North hosts dodgeball tournament


Danielle Broege

Grayslake North’s Student Council hosted a dodgeball tournament.

83 Roosters took the win at The Big Game Dodgeball Tournament. They won a hard-fought game against a very athletic and strong Stepbrothers team. It was a close game with the Stepbrothers showing off their athleticism and throwing ability since they had many baseball players on the team. Ultimately, though, the heart shown by 83 Roosters was what gave them the edge in the game.

Before The Big Game, multiple dodgeball games were played for entertainment in the fieldhouse, with the whole school watching the final game of 83 Roosters and Stepbrothers. The game was regulated and had a referee.

“I was a bit nervous with the crowd and everyone watching,” said senior Nathan Atwell, who was playing for the Stepbrothers.

83 Roosters were considered the underdogs by many due to Stepbrothers having several baseball players. After a back and forth game, 83 Roosters came out with the win. They employed senior Joey Saum as a coach to bring stability and togetherness to the team. They also had a strategy leading into the game that they were going to hold back a bit and feel the game out before making any risky moves.

“Our strategy leading into the game was to keep distance and sort of wear them out,” said senior Joe Valera, playing for 83 Roosters.

Winning the dodgeball tournament meant a lot to the 83 Roosters team. They described their feelings after the game and celebrated together as a team jumping up and down on the field. The whole school was there cheering them on as well.

“Yeah we were all ecstatic,” Valera said.