Spring Sports Begin Indoors

The inclement weather this year has posed many difficulties to the several spring sports teams and their seasons.
The recent weather has been horrendous, with freezing temperatures and constant snow. Yet teams have been able to maneuver around it in the past and are determined to not let the weather faze them.
“The weather during the spring season is always a struggle. At this point in the season, we have not expected to be outside, because we are used to the snow being on the ground for the first couple weeks of our season,” said varsity girls soccer coach Adam DeCaluwe.
Unfortunately, the teams can’t dodge everything the weather throws at them, and not only practices will be rescheduled, but some games and meets will be cancelled.
“It has posed a huge difficulty to the amount of games we could potentially play this season. The cold and snowy weather means that we may have to cancel non-conference games in order to play conference games. It also means that we will have more time inside to practice, which is unfortunate, because practicing inside is just not realistic based on the bounce of the softball, the height of fly balls, etc.” said varsity softball coach Molly Tomlinson.
Although the teams have been able to continue their seasons, all spring sports have their fingers crossed for the weather to warm up.
“Hopefully the warm weather that we had the last couple days returns quickly after the expected snowfall and we can get outside soon,” DeCaluwe said.