North’s band performs at Disney World


Photo by Jennifer Lerman

The marching band performed in a parade in the Magic Kingdom.

The marching band went to Disney for a band exhibition and to put on a marching performance during the week of February 17.

It was a great opportunity for the band, and they were all very excited for it.

“The Disney trip provided our band program with a national performance opportunity in front of thousands of people, as well as an opportunity to observe and work with professionals in the music industry,” said band director Candance Edstrand.

They had a clinic and a clinician. The term clinic is when the band plays music and the clinician gives advice on how to make it better.

“We had a clinic on Sunday. It was three hours long, and it was really fun. Our clinician was the fine arts director of all of Disney, so we were really lucky to have him,” said junior Payton Chumbley.

On Tuesday, February 22, the band marched in the Magic Kingdom. The band had to audition to perform in Disney. They auditioned back in 2020 and had to resubmit their audition because the trip got postponed due to COVID.

“This trip has been planned since the Fall of 2019. We were accepted and originally supposed to perform and travel in February of 2021, but that was canceled due to COVID. The band had to re-audition during the Spring of 2021 in the heat of the pandemic, and they put out a great recording. We were selected to perform February 2, 2022,” Edstrand said.

The band members were excited because it was like a reward for all their hard work this year.

“It was mostly a reward, but we performed there so we can receive advice on how to get better. We got advice and suggestions from the fine arts director,” said junior Jordan Chumbley.

“It wasn’t a competition or anything. It was an exhibition performance. We marched on Tuesday, and there were 90,000 people there. The advice we got during the clinic we used and applied it when we marched. There were no scores or anything, it was just a great experience and opportunity,” Payton Chumbley said.

“We marched at Magic Kingdom and played ‘Everybody’s Everything’ and ‘RiverDance Finale’,” Jordan Chumbley said.

The rest of the time, the band members were able to explore the park and go on the rides as after all their hard work.