Grayslake North hosts The Big Game


Danielle Broege

The Big Game was successfully hosted by Grayslake North High School.

As the annual Big Game came to an end, many commented that it was a “good feeling being back in the gym again.”

To start the event, the winners of the dodgeball tournament faced off. After the dodgeball tournament, this year’s basketball game was against Grant Community High School. Grant started hot at the Big Game, finishing the first quarter with a lead of 10-2.

The second quarter began with some fresh subs for both teams. Number 52 on Grant went off for over 10 points. At the end of the quarter, the crowd was on their feet after watching the players leave it all on the court.

“My favorite memory at The Big Game was seeing all the players who were trying their best on the court,” said sophomore Emmitt McConville. “I loved playing and always getting support from people I see in class. It made me feel really supported by my classmates.”

This is the first time the school was able to plan The Big Game since 2019. Class of 2022 students was all freshmen the last time it was played.

“It was a good feeling to be in the crowd with the whole school again, especially since we were all freshmen,” said senior superfan leader Brendon Paul.

­­During this year’s game, the team knighted Lori DeFiore and Christina Flannery.

“It was great to see the student body in the fieldhouse cheering on their favorite players. It was such a great time, and I know the players truly enjoyed it,” DeFiore said.

It then led into the three-point contests with contestants Dr. Roscoe, Stephanie Chavez, Cody Mendoza, Angel Martinez, and Julian Tennyson. Dr. Roscoe wrote on the back of his T-shirt “Cody who?” to mock Mendoza during the contest, which excited the entire crowd.

The final round came down to Dr. Roscoe and Mendoza, with Mendoza silencing the crowd by shooting 3 of 5 while Roscoe went 1 of 5.

The game then resumed, and North began to come back against Grant’s lead. It was not enough, and Grant won in the end.

“This year was more special than it’s been in the past just because we missed it the last two years and everyone was extremely ecstatic for it.”