Two swimmers compete at Sectionals

Two North swimmers swam at Sectionals on Saturday, February 19.

“I did really good. I got best times in all my races and felt really good in the water, and I did a lot better than I expected. I just came back from a shoulder injury, so getting back into racing felt amazing,” said junior Deglan Cunningham.

People may think that swimming is just a fun way to pass the time, or a hobby, but some people take the sport pretty seriously. 

“I could improve by doing a lot more training and getting my body ready for swimming. I could do certain workouts to help improve my lungs,” said junior Taylor Coble.

Both Coble and Cunnungham have been swimming since they were younger and have a lot of experience.

“I got into swimming from my parents. My dad was a swimmer most of his life and stopped after college to become a coach for swimming, so growing up my dad was a big hero of mine and I wanted to be just like him as every kid does to their hero,” Cunningham said.

Coble had a break in his swimming hobby when he had to move to Virginia, and he didn’t get to swim for a while.

“Back in sixth grade when I first started swimming, my mom signed me up and I liked to swim a lot before then, so trying out for the swim team was really fun, and I thought that it was a good sport for me, but when I moved to Virginia I couldn’t do competitive swimming until ninth grade,” Coble said.

The swim team is open for anyone to join, even if you have no experience. 

“It’s open for anyone even if they aren’t good. You’ll make it as long as you try even if you aren’t athletic,” Coble said.