Mrs. Tracey Nielsen becomes an author

Grayslake North’s library aide Tracey Nielsen has become an author, with her work included in books, and is currently brainstorming ideas of her own.

“I don’t have a full book of my own. I should clarify, I have snippets in other people’s books. So I’m now working on several book ideas, so this year is the first time I have two books that I have a snippet in,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen started writing during her middle school years, beginning with poetry.

“So I started to keep a journal and started to write poetry, and it just snowballed into songs, short stories, and eventually books,” Nielsen said.

Poetry is one of Nielsen’s strengths in writing, but there are other genres she’s trying out.

“I think poetry is the thing I feel I’m best at. I’m currently working on fiction, which is a lot more editing because I’m not as good at it, but non-fiction, inspirational and historical stuff is kind of where my sweet spot is right now as a writer,” Nielsen said.

As of now, Nielsen is a part-time writer as she works at North but is still able to share what she writes.

“Usually you are a part-time writer and full-time something else, so it’s an interesting challenge to keep carving the time out,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen expresses her thoughts and herself through her writing to be heard by others.

“I think to find my voice. First when you are in the middle school years, it’s a confusing time, and so to just write things down and process them then that slowly translate it to stories, songs and different ways to express myself, it allows me to pull my thoughts. In my conversations, there’s stuff like, ‘Oh, I should have said that,’ but in writing, I get the chance to, ‘Oh yeah, this is what I really want to say,’” Nielsen said.

People can buy Nielsen’s work mostly through Amazon or at the Grayslake Historical Society.

“I got my start actually at one of the first Grayslake historical books and then “The Stories of Grayslake.” Also right now the Grayslake Historical Society is looking for students and staff to write their viewpoints of Grayslake schools because we’re coming up on the 75th graduate class,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen had her first book signing, along with the other authors, on February 27 at 2:00 p.m. Her books were on sale there.