COVID-19 cases rocket after semester break

Coming back to school after winter break, COVID numbers had skyrocketed due to the omicron variant. Over the course of the last few weeks, numbers are back to being low, but with new regulations and mandates, students may be wondering about the future of COVID at Grayslake North.

COVID numbers have been going back down, but it is still important to take as many preventative measures as possible to reduce the spread of the virus.

“I have found the classroom exposures are very low. I believe the biggest exposures are happening when students are not in a structured area. For example, within the cafeteria when unmasked and eating,” said school nurse Annie Swiatek.

Newer COVID regulations have decreased the quarantine time.

“The quarantine is from 10 to five days,” said associate principal Meg Licht. This reduced quarantine period is good news for students who have tested positive because it allows them to return to in person learning sooner.

The school also offers Shield testing for students every Tuesday and Thursday. This allows students to be tested for COVID for free, and conveniently, as it is at school.

“I would suggest everyone testing at least once a week. The symptoms for COVID vary so much, and some individuals are even asymptomatic,” Swiatek said.

One thing students were wondering at the beginning of the semester was if school would return to online learning. With increased numbers and infection rates, it seemed like a very real possibility. Now, with reduced numbers, online learning seems like less of a possibility.

“I do not foresee us going to online learning,” Licht said.

As the semester continues on, students are encouraged to mask up and practice social distancing when possible. As of Monday, February 14, there were two student positive cases and one additional student quarantined, and two staff quarantined, according to the District 127 COVID-19 Data Hub.