Cute date ideas for couples to jump into 2022


Dates are important for keeping a relationship together and healthy. Sometimes individuals just need a good and special day with their significant other.

Fun date ideas are hard to come up with sometimes in a small town if a couple is unable to travel, but if they can travel, there are many good options.
Senior Mark Lopez gives an insight on his relationship and date ideas.

“During the winter, I typically take my significant other out to eat, going to the arcade and bowling. We mostly like just spending quality time with each other doing stuff like just hanging out, eating, catching up on each other’s day. For the summer, anything outdoors is always fun. Bike rides or beach days are always my go to. I believe dates are important to relationships because it allows each other to connect and communicate and bring you closer together,” Lopez said.

A majority of the people prefer summer and springtime dates because of the nicer weather and more things to do. In a poll taken on Instagram out of about 55 people, 68 percent of people voted for summer dates over the 32 percent of people who picked winter dates.

“My favorite season is summer, so one of my favorite dates is having a beach date. For me, they never could get boring. Eating and then going swimming, tanning, sandcastles, that’s just the way to go. During the winter, though, ice skating is my favorite type of date, and there are so many ice rinks to go to. My ideal date, though, is going to an expensive restaurant and having a big fancy expensive dinner. Dates are important because they give you an opportunity to bond with the other person,” said sophomore Shoshana Chisolm.

As the year goes on, dates may be harder to come up with. Junior Isabella Meinzer gives some ideas for when it comes to fall and spring.

“A nice date in fall I would say is apple picking or a pumpkin patch. Or in the spring my favorite is just having a picnic somewhere pretty on a nice day. It’s good to have just some one on one time somewhere other than each other’s homes, which is why dates are important,” Meinzer said.