How to get past those winter blues


The second semester started about a month ago, and some students are reflecting on its start.

“My experience has been good so far in the second semester. It was a little change with my lunches and having gym for the first time with changing and then also having heart rate, but overall it has been good,” said sophomore Zachary Builta.

To a lot of students, the second semester doesn’t really feel that different from the first semester, and students are just carrying on with everyday school.

“It really hasn’t been too bad. It feels a lot lighter than the first semester was, and my main goal in second semester is to keep all As, as to try to make up for a really terrible last semester,” said sophomore Lucas Adams.

Some people also had a little trouble getting back to the swing of things like getting up early to go back to school after winter break.

“It was a little difficult, but not too much. It was mostly my sleep schedule because over break I think I got like an average of like four hours a night, and then from that to then having school. But I normally am sleep-deprived,” Builta said.

Some people do their homework at school so they have free time at home. Others wait until they get home to do their homework or have so much that they do homework at school and at home.

“Usually I do both homework at school and at home, but most of the time either way I am stuck doing homework until 12-1 a.m.,” said sophomore Rachel Garich. “I do not have a lot of independent work time at school, but when I do have some, whether I get stuff done during school or not depends on the class and the people.”

The second semester also happens in the winter when people tend to get the winter blues. People are getting over the winter blues in numerous ways.

“Playing music helps me out for sure. There is no better feeling than getting a crowd around you while playing piano or guitar, and sometimes I’ll just listen to some good music as well,” Adams said.

“I get over the winter blues by playing video games with my friends and getting no sleep,” Builta said.

“It makes me feel better when I think of all the fun things I get to do that are coming up because then I feel motivated and excited,” Garich said.

These are just a few of the numerous ways people are getting over the winter blues. Some other ways include playing with one’s pet or doing a favorite hobby.

There are some exciting things people are looking forward to coming soon, either in school or out of school.

“I am excited to go to Disney on the 17th with the band,” Garich said.

Some students are also looking at the second semester as a fresh start to get better grades than they did last semester.

“I’m really excited to be able to have a chance to make up for my last semester,” Adams said.