Review: “Red Notice”

Right from the start, “Red Notice” starts out with action, drama and an amazing storyline. I’ve never been so captivated by a movie in the first minute. It grabs you right off the bat and demands your attention. Ryan Reynolds has the most amazing commentary and truly makes the film the masterpiece that it is. He’s so funny and just never stops making one smile. There’s a scene where he doesn’t stop yelling about the Rock being a cop, and it’s hilarious.

The Rock is also very funny, but it’s almost like his non-serious yet serious tone makes their intersections so much better. Ryan Reynolds mocks the Rock, makes constant jokes, and even mimics the Rock at one point.
I’m normally not one to love or even like action packed movies; however, this movie is so much more than just an action packed movie. It’s like a comedy that you just can’t get enough of. The comedy just makes the movie come together amazingly. I truly believe that if this was a serious movie that it wouldn’t be even as close to good as it is.

My favorite scene from the movie is when they are fighting before and after the scene and even during their fighting, and their commentary is just hilarious.

The ending of the movie I totally did not expect, but don’t think of this movie as something serious, it shouldn’t be taken as a serious movie. This movie is supposed to be lighthearted and just something nice to watch. If viewers take the movie, especially the ending, too seriously it won’t be enjoyable.

If they came out with a part two, I would definitely want to watch it. In fact, I’ll probably watch this one again sometimes because it truly does just make one feel better with how much one laughs. I would recommend this movie.