Students bond over diversity in music


Grayslake North is full of people with different tastes in music. The beauty of music is that there are many different varieties of genres. Many artists have released albums. There’s a recent rap album that was just released on January 7, 2022, called “Drip Season 4” by rap artist Gunna.

“My favorite newly released album is ‘Drip Season 4’ by rapper Gunna. It’s pretty popular too. It took over the internet pretty fast,“ said senior Brendon Paul.

Paul is correct. When Gunna dropped that album it created the “P” trend. In the words of Gunna, North is indeed pushing P!

2021 was a great year for music. In 2021, hip hop rap was ranked number four most popular music genre according to Billboard Top 100. There’s a couple main albums that are popular in 2021 music. One of the main albums is “Certified Lover Boy” by Drake.

“‘CLB’ was one of my favorite albums, top five for sure. The day it was released, I went into my car and played the whole album and drove around with my hands in the air!” said senior Eddy Bethancourt.

Rap is a really popular genre, but another popular genre is 80s pop music.

“80s pop music has always been my favorite music genre. That was peak music in my opinion,” said senior Mason Russon.

Pop music has always been relevant. Even to this day pop music is ranked top two, according to Billboard Top 100 in 2021.

“My favorite upcoming artists at the moment is Yeat. He’s a rapper that has been blowing up recently. One of his most famous songs is ‘Sorry Bout That’,” Paul said.

Another album that was recently released is “Dawn FM” by The Weeknd.

“‘‘Dawn FM’ by The Weeknd is the only album that comes to mind when I think about recently released albums,” Bethancourt said.