North celebrates Black History Month


The Black Union set up a board to celebrate Black excellence near the cafeteria.

This year for Black History Month, the Black Union is celebrating Black culture and tradition around the school and allowing all students to be involved and learn about Black history throughout this month.

In conjunction with the Black Union, the Student Council and Knights Block coordinators also helped organize activities around the school for Black History Month.
“We are sharing a daily announcement of what students are calling ‘Did you know’ facts, different things about history that we may not have learned or remember, but things that they wanted to highlight. We are playing music during passing periods celebrating Black artists. We are also in partnership with Student Council and Knights Block coordinators showing movies during Knights Block in room B162,” said Black Union sponsor Joseph Alger.

Students will also be given the opportunity to participate later in February with the Black Union setting up a board that celebrates Black excellence.
“We are going to give students the opportunity to really fill out that board with examples of Black excellence, whether those are people they would want to highlight or celebrate, “ Alger said.

All students are given the opportunity to participate in the celebration of Black excellence and history to learn about it and also support fellow students in school.
“Definitely support some of these events that are happening, whether it’s attending the movie that is going on in school or just helping to be a part of the whole celebration. I think that would be a great way to support your fellow African-American students in the building,” said Black Union sponsor Dawn Deacon.