Lady Knights bowling takes on Regionals

The North Knights Girls Bowling team advanced to Sectionals as they placed in the top four at Regionals. They ended up placing third but were neck and neck with Antioch barely losing to them to take third.

The top four teams and top ten individuals not on a qualifying team make it on to Sectionals and same for State. Over the whole season, the Knights have only lost two matches.

The season has been great! We have only lost two matches, and those were against the toughest teams in conference,” said junior Brooke Ellingsten.

The team was very positive and hopeful looking forward to Sectionals, and everyone was very supportive of one another. 

The season has gone really well. Not only in individuals but overall as a team. As a team, both JV and varsity won a lot of awards, and in individual many won medals. Not only has the season been good on winning awards and medals, but it has also been good because as a team we bonded and truly made great connections with one another. I had a great season and am so glad I was able to be a part of the season for one year,” said senior Danielle Broege.

Each member of the team thinks of each of the members as a close friend and bond they will never lose. They believe this is their greatest strength as it isn’t just one or two bowlers leading the team, they are all important to the team. 

“My strong suit has become my ability to put the team first. In the past years, it has been really hard when someone is taken out of a game, and I personally really struggle with it, but now I have grown, and I think our team has really grown into knowing that the team is more important than the individual. That mindset is how we made it to Sectionals,” said senior Cheryl Jenkins. 

Over the season many players improved overall, and Ellingston’s fondest memories was when she was able to bowl over a two hundred and celebrate with her teammates. 

“In the beginning of the season I hadn’t broken two hundred yet, and my highest was one hundred and ninety. By the end of the season, I’ve gotten a new high of two hundred and thirty-four and multiple games over two hundred,” Ellingston said.