North hosts Cheer Invitational

Despite not competing this weekend in the Grayslake North Cheer Invite, the Knight Cheer team has a positive outlook going into the end of the season looking at a run for State. 

Even though cheer did not compete today, they started off with a first place win in their division and are very proud to be hosting a competition at North. Cheer was not able to compete this weekend as there were many people out with COVID or on return to play from it. 

“We did not compete, but we all worked really hard to make sure every school had a good time at the competition, and it flowed nicely,” said junior Olivia Rouse.

Even though cheer didn’t compete this weekend, they are still practicing harder than ever with Conference and State right around the corner. 

“One thing we do really well is putting in effort to everything we do. Even if we are having an off day, we still try our hardest and push ourselves to do our best,” said senior Gabbie Crenshaw. 

The team has been and still is working hard to achieve their goals this season, whether it is individual or as a team. The North cheer team is dedicated to getting to the level 4 range which has motivated them greatly. 

“We set goals for skills and individual goals. We wanted to be in the level 4 range for all of the rubric. This means we would level up from last season. This has been a huge motivation to the team as we push to advance our skills,” Rouse said.

The cheer team took first place in their first competition, and it has set the tone for the team going forward as they feel they can accomplish some big things this year.

“My favorite memory of this season is definitely our first competition. We placed first, and it was an incredible feeling. This competition really helped us all click as a team and prepare us for the rest of the season. The entire day was so fun, and I think we all really enjoyed it. It was a great start to the season,” Crenshaw said.