Knight of the Month includes staff to be nominated with students


Kenia Estrada

The Knight of the Month for December is Drew Lerman. A bulletin board has been made to congratulate him.

Knight of the Month has started. Every department nominates a student of the month, and now faculty and staff can be nominated.

“We are all Knights, and we all do some pretty terrific things. You may think the great things you do go unnoticed. Knight of the Month is a way to let you know that you are appreciated,” said Knight of the Month for November and principal Dr. James Roscoe.

To nominate someone, a link gets sent out through email that lets anyone from the school submit their nominee and the reason why that person should be Knight of the Month.

“We have Student of the Month, and those nominees come from teachers for students that are in their classroom. But I kind of wanted a bigger and broader recognition system, so I created Knight of the Month. Our first Knight of the Month was Dr. Roscoe because it was Illinois Principals Association Principal Week, and I wanted to recognize him. But I’ve created a committee now of some teachers and some students. I will send out a form to everybody, all students and staff, and then you can just fill out the form,” said Lori DeFiore, administrative assistant to the principal.

Every month there will be a new Knight of the Month, and DeFiore and a bunch of other staff will help pick out the nominee.

“So we’re going to go through all the submissions and kind of pick the next Knight of the Month,” DeFiore said.

Knight of the Month lets anyone in the school be recognized for something good they’ve done for their community or to anyone.

“So my hope is that it’s a way to positively let people know that you see the good things that you’re doing out there. So I will let you know that I had 35 nominations for Knight of the Month last month. So whether they were staff, it was mostly students. A couple of staff recognized students, but it’s mostly students either recognizing themselves, other students or staff members. I thought that was awesome, but I also wanted people to know what people said about them because that can make you feel like people are recognizing what you’re doing,” DeFiore said.

Whoever wins Knight of the Month gets recognized in the main hallway by the cafeteria with pictures of them, and everyone can see the reasons why that person was nominated.

“You get a bulletin board dedicated to you for the month,” Roscoe said.