Boys basketball travels to Deerfield

The varsity basketball team fell to Deerfield High School on December 1, putting their record at 2-4.

“I think the game fell apart straight from the beginning, lacking defense, communication, and offense. One bad game doesn’t defy us as a team. We will learn from this loss and move on,” said senior Joseph Valera, North’s point guard. Valera shows how this game doesn’t defy them and shows confidence in his team. 

The team has a few things that they are working on to improve for upcoming games.

“The deadly factor of our team is the way we move off the ball. We don’t have too many tall guys, so we can’t afford to miss shots. We create space and look for open shots,”  said senior Brendon Paul. 

Despite the loss, the players look forward to the fans cheering them on.

“The fans bring energy to the game, and it improves my game. Without them, my confidence isn’t 100 percent,” Valera said. 

“My favorite thing about basketball is playing with my team in front of my high school,”  Paul said. 

A memorable part of the game was when Valera passed it to Dominic for the first dunk of the season. 

“I think the deadly factor is Joe Valera; he’s an outstanding player on both ends of the court,” said senior Cody Mendoza.

Valera dropped 8 points and 5 assists

“I expect to win; we aren’t a bad team. We are capable of beating every team in the conference,”  Valera said.