PSP class creates display for Veterans Day



Isabella Ward sits at the Veterans Day display outside the cafeteria.

As a salute to North’s veterans, PSP held an event where students, teachers, and others alike could write messages about people who served in their families and write a thank you to veterans.

As a whole, this event brought everyone together to help thank veterans for all they did to keep everyone safe at home and abroad. There are posters all around school with QR codes to scan that lead students to a document to add a picture of a veteran and then a message.

“There’s a board down by the front of the school, and there’s a QR code hung up with a bunch of posters around the school saying that if you know someone or you have a family member that’s a veteran, you can submit a picture of them and then write a little quote or a thank you to them,” said senior Abbie Kukis.

Pictures and the messages from the document will be played on the tv with all the thank yous. As another option, students could have put a picture on the wall and/or a note thanking a veteran.

“My dad is also a veteran, and I wanted to thank him for that. He was in the Marine Corps, and I wanted to share with everyone his service and wanted to thank him,” said senior Jack Kukis.

Veterans go through many things many will never understand and do this to keep everyone safe. Sometimes people take the simple things for granted. Everyone goes through difficult times, and it is what is taken away from those times that people should be grateful for.

“That we all go through difficult things in our lives, and I have grown to appreciate those difficult times. I have grown to try and learn to appreciate those times, even when I am in those seasons because I feel that I am growing a lot, learning a lot about life,” said veteran and math teacher Tom Iverson.

Learning through difficult times is something not many think about. People want to either move on or forget about them, but to become a better person people should learn from them. For those looking for a way to help a veteran out, Mr. Iverson has a way to help. Tom Iverson served in the Army Reserves and is now a math teacher here at North.

“If you’re looking to support veterans or I guess it doesn’t have to be veterans, it could be military families, find a way to do something for that family, especially if that person is gone. It could be one week your family buys them groceries or Grubhub, or prepares a meal for them, or mows their lawn. Whatever it is, I know my wife experienced some of those things while I was gone, and it helped her take care of other things knowing that something was already taken care of,” Iverson said.