GNHS choir have their December concert


Kenia Estrada

GNHS choir performing their first concert of the year

On December 8th, the Grayslake North Choir had their Winter Concert and first concert in person since lockdown back in early 2020. 

“My favorite song? I’m going to go with ‘Charlie Brown Tonight,’ although I like them all,” choir director Paul Nielsen said. 

This year the choir was allowed to perform in person unlike last year because of COVID. 

“It’s great, a little nerve-wracking, but great. I like performing in front of an audience,” said freshman Alexys Wiggins. 

The choir sang the night away with a good performance from the jazz choir, mixed choir, treble choir. 

“I think we did pretty good because everyone was excited to be back,” said freshman Nereida Alanis. 

During the performance, the choir was wearing singing masks to follow COVID procedures. 

“It’s so nice, even though you know we have to sing in masks and even though the program was short because our rehearsals time was limited because of COVID. We only got to rehearse for half of the period. We can’t learn as much as we normally would, but it’s really nice,” Nielsen said. 

Even though this year and last year have been wild with COVID and having to wear masks to keep everyone safe, the choir was happy to be able to present their singing again. 

“I’m really proud of the kids and what they’ve been able to do under the circumstances. We have a lot less kids than we have had, so that makes it harder. It always seems to be easier when it’s a bigger group,” Nielsen said. 

Choir let’s students show their creativity with their voices and get to learn more about music. 

“More people should join because it’s so much fun. It’s a great way to get your fine arts credit and you don’t have to sing really good we teach how to get better at it,” Nielsen said.