Dance team begins competition season

The dance team has been performing through the fall and now they have their winter competitions. The dance team’s first competition was Sunday, November 14. The junior varsity placed fifth. 

“We could have shown more energy in our dance, but I think our performance was really good, but we were just really nervous for our first dance competition,” junior Carolina Lozano said.

The varsity team also performed, and they placed ninth.

“After our first competition, I couldn’t be more proud of how my team performed. For the future competitions, I hope to make the dance more challenging and to improve our overall score as the season goes by,” senior Itzel Gonzalez said.

Also to calm the nerves of the dancers, Itzel ordered “rockstar bears”, comfort objects for competition anxiety because for most girls on the team, it was their first competition. 

“Whenever someone felt nervous on Sunday, we would pass them the bear, and it brought a smile to their face,” Itzel said.

The GNHS teams were the only teams who did hip hop. The other schools they went up against were poms and lyrical.