Knights Block offers resources for students


Kenia Estrada

The Hub is one of the locations that students like to go during their Knights Block time.

Students now have in their schedules a Knights Block for this school year’s new block schedule. Knights Block lets students use some time to get some help for classes, chill, and more.

“Knights Block was designed as a flexible time for students, so like instead of a study hall, it’s your time to take care of errands or study, or you know, just relax,” said dean Linda Vecchie.

Knights Block has helped students get homework done and helps them get academic help from teachers.
“Yes, Knights Block is helpful for students and teachers because it gives them time to finish missing assignments or finish important work during school so they can have more time after school to do extracurricular activities and spend time with family,” said sophomore Esmeralda Franco.

Students are allowed to go to the cafeteria, the Hub, sit in the comfy seats around the school, and if they have permission, students are even allowed to leave campus.

“They can study, access the bookstore, they can access their counselor, social worker. There is sometimes programming during Knights Block such as upcoming college application workshops we have. For freshmen, there was a Link Crew presentation. So sometimes there is programing available, otherwise what can someone do during their Knights Block? It’s really great for kids who have a heavy course load and are involved in athletics. Some kids leave campus during Knights Block if they have the privilege,” Vecchie said.

Knights Block can also be taken away from students who don’t use their time wisely. Students would be put in what’s called a structured Knights Block.

“If your grades are low or your behavior is below standard, you get put in what’s called a structured Knights Block, which is essentially a study hall where you are reporting to a room with a teacher until those issues are rectified. So, yes, you could lose your free time during Knights Block. So with the privilege of that free time comes the responsibility to be doing your job, if you will be a good student and acting appropriately,” Vecchie said. “If you are not holding up your end of responsibilities, you lose the free time, and you don’t lose it forever, just until the issues are rectified. So let’s say you have two Fs, you are going to be put into structured Knights Block. When your grades are Cs or better, you would fill out an appeal form, and when that is checked that your grades are back, then you get your free time back,” Vecchie said.

Structured Knights Block has been a good way to get students to improve their grades and be able to understand more about their assignments.

“Yes, it is helpful because it keeps students on track and they can get help right away,” Franco said.