North’s library is now the Hub


Students are settling into the Hub and the ideal of a more open space leading to more productivity and initiative. The Hub is now in the place of where the library used to be and is a space of student growth and many resources.

The combo of adding the block schedule and the Hub’s openness has led to more productivity as students do work then take a break, and then do more, which is more conducive to accomplishing tasks. In the Hub, students have the choice to relax or do their work or do both with how much time they have.

“Students that are in to relax, but I think it’s becoming a combination of adding the Hub with the block schedule, so you don’t feel tied to one type of thing. So you’ll do a little work then relax, but you have enough time to do both,” said Tom New, library media specialist.

The Hub’s openness has led to a lot more creativity and uniqueness, allowing students to do more than just sit in silence and do work like before. The free range has led to many new ideas, new rooms, group work, class help, and much more.

“That has opened up a new idea that’s nice in this space as it is much more photogenic of a space. If students want to do interviews, it’s easier to pull them to the side. If they want to do some stuff for the yearbook, it’s easier. It has allowed those students and the art students to have more of a creative space,” New said.

Along with physical changes, there have also been changes to who is in to help with work if students need it and who is in there full-time to help at any time.

“We don’t have ARC anymore in here, but we do have SWAT, so instead of having the teacher tutors, they are out in the building, the SWAT tutors are in here,” New said.

The one thing New misses as the library media specialist is the students. Although he misses being with the students full-time, he still has found a way to make the best of it with his creative room idea.

“My favorite change is the room you’re sitting in, the Makerspace. I think it’s just a lot of fun. You know this used to be just a plain work room, but we have added poster printers, vinyl cutters that do stickers, a 3D printer, color printers, t-shirt press; this room is really just going to open up lots of possibilities,” New said

The overall message of the Hub is that it is a chill environment to get work done and that many things can be done.

“I think I am more productive in the Hub if I am here alone because it is a great environment to get my work done,” said junior Evan McMahon.

Some students take full advantage of the comfy seats when it is early in th]e morning or they have had a long day. In the Hub, one might find some students lacking or catching up on some zzzs.

“The comfy seating makes it easier to take naps when I need to,” Hertzke said.
With change comes criticism. Students like how comfy and spacious the Hub is, but they also have some input on changes that would make it that much better.

“I would want to eat in the Hub because I always have snacks, but I can never eat in here and I also think snacks help me work, personally,” McMahon said.