How students are spending their Knights Block


Many new changes were added to the school this year, including the addition of a Knights Block to everyone’s schedule and off campus options for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. With these new additions, students have a lot more free time to manage throughout the day.

During Knights Block, students have plenty of options for things to do. They can stay in and meet with their counselor, do homework, or hang out in various areas throughout the school. Sometimes during Knights Block students are required to stay and listen to presentations. Knights Block has made students’ schedules more like they will be at college.

“I usually do a lot of homework, stuff like that. Sometimes I run passes. Normally I am able to get a lot of work done. It’s nothing like a three page essay during the time, but I can finish my two pages of math homework. I also eat food a lot of food,” said junior Drake Runyon.

Knights Block also provides students with the opportunity to go off campus. This allows students who do not necessarily have homework or meetings to be able to leave and spend their time how they want to.

“I love having Knights Block because I can go home and leave the school day early,” said senior Reese Rain.

Students can go to their dean if they wish to purchase off campus privileges. In the dean’s office, students just need to ask for a sticker and be approved for off campus. The sticker itself costs $20.

“There are a total of 981 sophomores, juniors, and seniors who in theory are eligible for the off-campus privilege. As of right now, 560 students have applied for and been approved for the off-campus privilege,” said Linda Vecchie, dean of students.

Some students prefer to stay in the building.

“There are occasions when someone with off-campus privileges may stay to make up a test, to get help, or because they don’t want to waste the gas,” Vecchie said.

Also, students may not leave because they are not allowed to. Freshmen are not allowed to leave, and certain things can restrict other students from leaving.

“Students may be restricted from leaving campus if attendance is poor, behavior is a problem, or if they are carrying any F grades. Parents also may revoke their students’ privileges,” Vecchie said.

A popular place for students to go during their free time is the new Hub. Formerly the library, the Hub is a place in which students can hang with friends, do homework, watch TV, or participate in various activities provided.

“The TVs are fun. It’s really cool. It’s like a really cool place to hang out,” Runyon said.

Some students prefer the setup of the old library. Most of the old furniture was taken out and replaced.

Some of the bookshelves were removed, and there are less computers.

“I feel like it doesn’t feel like a library anymore, and I don’t think many people are going to be able to read. It feels more like a man-cave type of thing, and I think there needs to be an actual quiet place where you can go to be without distractions,” Rein said.

Another time where students can leave the building is during their lunch hour. Students can visit their house, a local restaurant, or do anything else they would like to do.

“I just go home and I chill out,” Rein said.

Overall, students this year have a lot more open time to manage. The new changes have allowed for more flexibility for what students can do throughout the day and will continue to play out as the school year continues.