Cheer places seventh at state


The team capped off another successful season by placing 7th in the State competition.
The team’s hard work paid off when they won first place at the Sectional competition, which advanced them to the State competition.
“I was just so proud of my team,” said varsity cheerleader Ashley Winiewicz. “Being the only freshman on the team, these girls are like older sisters to me, and accomplishing so much in my first season here means a ton to me.”

But even with that great victory, the team was still committed to improving for the State championship.
“There’s always room for more improvement. Our routine can always be better,” Winiewicz said.

Whether it’s the State competition or cheering from the sidelines, the team has been devoted to working hard in everything they do all year long.
“Our goal has been to work hard, to be known for having tight, sharp motions, for being loud, and for having great jumps,” said varsity cheer coach Jennifer Garza.

Even at big competitions, the team has not lost sight of what is important: the small details.
“A lot of times, teams get focused on the stunts and tumbling and forget about how important the other areas are in competition. For our rubric, jumps and motions count for the same score that a stunt would,” Garza said.
The cheerleaders worked tirelessly through the fall season to perfect their competition routine.
“We worked very hard during the fall to make sure we were clean and sharp with everything that we do. Going into the winter season, our goal was to continue with this theme and make sure we improve upon our elite stunts,” Garza said.
Overall, the team had an exceptional season, and their State qualifications year after year have made them, without question, the most consistent sports team in school history.