North wins Homecoming game against Round Lake

North won their Homecoming game the night of October 8, with a great lead of 41-0 against Round Lake. This puts them fifth in the NLC Conference, with a 2-5 win-loss ratio. 

North had a good lead this game, kicking them off to a good start for the Homecoming weekend. 

“It’s a fun and exciting time playing a good game on the field while I get to hear the support from all the fans packed in the stands. It gives the team more motivation,” said varsity player and senior Jack Kukis. 

Since it was the Homecoming game and one of the biggest games of the year, there were many performances as well as the golf cart parade, which is a tradition for North where clubs, sports, and activities from North get to decorate their own golf cart, and ride along the field, being recognized for their activity.

“I always look forward to coming to the home games, and seeing all the fans get together in theme to watch football and all the other activities they have set out for the night,” said sophomore Kari Domingo. 

Along with the parade, the dance team and Marching Band as well as Color Guard all got to perform during the game showing how hard they’ve been working on for this night. Superfans got their chance to support by going all in with the theme of pink out. 

“Superfaning is not only super fun, but it’s a chance to go out and meet new people and make friends, all while supporting our football teams,” said superfan and senior Abbie Kukis.