The Marching Knights makes debut performance at recent festival 


Lillie Salas

The Marching Band marched off the field after a successful first performance.

The Grayslake North Marching Band performed at a festival on September 12 and made their debut of their routine to the judges.

Grayslake North hosted a marching band festival and was able to have six other schools participate in the event. This was the first time that the Marching Knights have shown their full routine to an audience. 

“I think for our first performance, it was pretty successful. There were a few mistakes, but overall it went really well,”  said senior Nina Garcia. 

Since Grayslake North hosted the event, they could not place in the competition; however, they still had judges writing comments and scoring them on the quality of their performance.

Off the field, the Marching Band has put in lots of work to make their season great. 

“The season has been really good. People have been working really hard, especially after coming back from a year and a half off due to COVID-19. I think everyone is doing really well,” said senior Drew Lerman, drum major.

The band members practice in class, and the band schedules night rehearsals as well. Although it does not appear to be so, the band had some obstacles during the beginning of their season due to missing a year from COVID-19. 

“It’s been kind of hard because a lot of the band has not had any experience marching before,” said senior Trystan Schultz. This season has been an intense one due to needing to teach marching to both the freshmen and sophomores, who missed out on last year’s fall season. 

Despite those hardships, the band amazed the crowd with their superstition-themed marching routine. The Marching Band plays at every home game, and anyone can come to support them.