Rho Kappa Honor Society sponsors 9/11 Memorial



Courtesy of Roxanne Bristow


It was 20 years ago when the twin towers and the pentagon were destroyed in the largest terrorist attack the world had ever seen. To this day 9/11 remains as an infamous event in American History, but now it’s also become a day to honor the victims and our first responders. Rho Kappa Social Studies Honors Society began their first project this school year to honor the victims and first responders of 9/11. A Memorial was created in the hub with poster boards in order to honor and remember what had happened.  Today, 20 years later, everyone has different memories of 9/11, but they are all very emotional. 

“I think that one was particularly emotional because it stopped on the 11th, so it’s just such a mark of the time and such a personal piece,” said Bristow, talking about the watch artifact on one of the boards that stopped on 9/11.  

Students also have strong feelings about 9/11 after being taught about what happened from a young age. Rho Kappa President Tanvi Shahi spoke on how it affected her and her family and how she perceived that when she was told about 9/11. 

“I tend to put my own situation into this and think about how my family was living in Boston right near New York city when it happened, and my Dad went into New York city that day to go to work,” Shahi said.

No matter who it was,  everyone felt that this event went well for Rho Kappa and they can’t wait for future events. This event also helped society as it got them back into events as we are now back in person. Rho Kappa is currently planning events for Social Studies week and Hispanic Heritage month

“I can’t wait to do things and make our honors society better, and it’s great to be back in person for our first event in a year and a half,” Shahi said.