School holds assembly to welcome students back to school


Kenia Estrada

The super fans tell about the upcoming game and lead the school in a cheer during the assembly.

The Grayslake North Knights had their first assembly of the school year on September 2, 2021. It was a welcoming assembly for all new and returning students. 

“So this assembly is just about welcoming everyone to North, new students, old students, and transfer students, and getting everyone to feel like they are a part of the community here at North,” said activity director Keeley Naughton.

During the assembly, many students got to see the dance team, cheer team, and marching band, along with meeting the leaders of the super fans. 

“I got excited about the dances and the cheers; it was very cool,” said sophomore Nayeli Gutierrez. 

The assembly helped the students and staff get prepared for any events that may happen this school year and get the school excited for them. 

“I think that the assembly helps bring everyone together,” said junior Dayana Estrada.

At the assembly was also revealed the theme for this year’s Homecoming.

“So typically we have a Homecoming assembly during Homecoming week and then we also have like the big game that happens in the spring. This one is different because it’s a little shorter. It was about 27 minutes, and the other ones are usually 45 minutes and also it’s different because it’s a back to school assembly we usually don’t do those,” Naughton said.

Students got to get hyped for the new school year especially since it’s not in remote learning like last year. Freshmen weren’t able to experience how the assemblies are and how welcoming it is here at North.

“After being in remote learning, I think everyone could use an assembly, something that brings us all together. I think it’s exciting because it’s also outside. We never had an assembly outside before,” Naughton said.

It’s just the beginning of the school year, and there are many opportunities and chances for all students to get involved and experience what Grayslake North High School has to offer.