Literary magazine hosts annual Coffee House

On Friday November 30th literary magazine hosted the annual Coffee House Event where students could showcase their talents in singing, poetry, storytelling, and even artwork.

Each year Coffee House gets a lot of publicity before the big night.  posters are put up all around the school everyone’s trying to buy a ticket and people are deciding whether they want to perform.

“I would encourage everyone to do it. It’s a very fun an amazing experience. If you feel to nervous to do anything, everyone will be so supportive, there’s no one judging you,” said Junior student Richard Moung.

Literary Magazine tried something different this year; cozy pack tickets.  a regular ticket was five dollars whereas a cozy pack was seven dollars. The Cozy pack included a Comfy Cushion to sit on and a fleece blanket to sit with.

“It was definitely very comforting to have a blanket,” said Junior students Sean Smith.

Another thing literary magazine provided was free coffee and free hot chocolate for everyone that came. During intermission people could go out and drink some warm coffee and hot chocolate.

“All of the war drinks were really nice,” said Junior students Monika Siedler.

Lots of performers were really comfortable being able to share deep and emotional parts of their lives in front of students they didn’t know that well.

“I was really nice how they all came together and enjoyed themselves along with the performances,”Siedler said.

Literary Magazine donated all the money raised from Coffee House to a charity known as Hope For a Day, which works too educate suicide awareness.  

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