Mrs. Donahue: a modern hero of North

Jennifer Donahue works in the nurses’ office. Along with the position comes new experiences and relationships.

Donahue has been working here for about eight years. Recently, she was chosen for ‘Knight of the Month,’ where students and staff choose someone who they believe truly stands out, helps everyone, and is what a Knight is meant to be.

The nature of being a nurse is having kindness and a sense of open arms to everyone you meet. Being in a position where you are meant to help people physically brings many close-knit relationships.

Nurses aren’t just like any other faculty and staff. With the environment they create, many people feel safer and more comfortable speaking on personal issues.
“There’s a lot of students that will tell us a lot of personal things that I don’t think they would tell just anyone,” Donahue said.

Being a safe place for many students brings the nurses into a different position that isn’t ‘just a school nurse’ but truly a part of the school environment. COVID has changed not only those connections and relationships but has also changed the way that the nurses’ office works.

“It never really freaked either one of us out. There were days when we had multiple COVID people in our faces. We just do what we do and move on.” Donahue said.

Having to be in a position where you have to work with whatever is thrown your way can be challenging especially during times like now.

Being close with cases recently has affected Donahue’s personal life. She has had to work late and go home to family later than usual, all to conduct contact tracing and keep those in the school safer.

Jennifer Donahue is a modern hero, someone many look to for support, physically and emotionally.